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Assist with personal activities


This service provides assistance within the participant home or abode. We work with participants to undertake or develop skills that will help them maintain their living environment and also garden maintenance.

Assistance with travel/transport arrangement

This service focuses on clients who need assistance to be transported to activities, events or appointment. We assist by providing support workers who can accompany the participants with their travel needs either driving them in their cars, using public transport or build participant capacity on how to catch the bus.

Assistance with daily task in a group or shared living (Respite)

This service involves assisting participants or supervising them in their daily tasks in a shared living environment. This aims at developing their skills so they live independently as much as possible. This could include short term accommodation where the participants would be supported by our team of support workers, while their careers and family get some break from their usual responsibilities.

Innovative community Participation

We will support our clients to participate in the activities they love within the community. Participants well-being is our focus as we support our participants. For this service we would assist participants develop skills through participating in various activities within the community. This will broaden their horizon and perspective.

Development of daily living and life skills

Big Smile Services will assist you on Daily Living and Life Skills. Because we know your goals and understand it, we will work with you to develop your unique skills through our numerous activities, like personal care and hygiene, grocery shopping and preparing healthy meals, travel independently by means of public transport. This will help boost your confidence among your peers and help you develop skills that can make you live independently.

Household task

Our household always need attention daily. It may be little things like cooking yummy dishes, cleaning, wiping benches, ironing, gardening. We can assist you put your house in a beautiful shape and every where sparkling clean. You and our friendly support workers can achieve that goal happily.

Participation in Community, Social and Civic activities

If you have stayed at home for a long time because you didn’t know what activities there are to participate in or you don’t know how to get there, no worries about them. This is because Big Smile services has got you. Our highly innovative and creative support workers will listen to you and help you get to that place you want to be, so you can experience the fun in the wider community.

Group/Centre Activities

Everyone would want to be part of something interesting and fun most times, that might include cooking groups, sewing groups, bowling groups, dancing groups and several others. We at Big Smile Services have interesting fun activities that our participants enjoy doing. This has several benefits like improving the mental state, improving communication and behavior. Our unique support workers ensures every participant needs are taken care of during these activities.

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